February 23, 2016


I disappeared.

I guess I've been trying to figure out what kind of a voice I have. And I don't know if this blog was a good representation of content produced by me.

My old posts are all still there... (don't worry guys.) That appallingly vapid review of Spring Break is saved in my drafts should I ever feel the need to relive my misguided reading of James Franco's finest work.

I'm still posting away on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter but I'm working on some sort of blogging platform again.

I have a new laptop so it's definitely encouraging a surge in my online presence.

I'll be back online at some point. Here, or elsewhere.

Thanks for sticking by and checking in. If you are reading this, and don't already stalk me on all other social media accounts, the links are over there to the right. Get on that ASAP.

Speak to you all soon-ish. Whenever that may be.