May 27, 2014

One Direction at Croke Park

On Sunday night I went to the One Direction concert in Croke Park, Dublin. I'm sure you're all tired of hearing me rant about how great I think these guys are but humour me for another post about them now, I'm still on a bit of a concert high.

I booked these tickets about a year ago, so the excitement had really been weaned off by the time the 25th actually rolled around. I queued early though, so by the time we got in I was buzzing again, off everyone else's vibes. I couldn't get over how big the stadium was, and how crazy it is that these guys younger then me have sold this place out THREE TIMES. It's just overwhelming! 
5 Seconds of Summer supported them, and were great, but I was there for One Direction so I wasn't as jazzed to see them as a lot of the other girls seemed to be. I do still love their aussie accents a great deal!
Because we had queued early enough, and I'm taller then the average 15-year-old girl I had such a great view. To say that Zayn is even more beautiful up close is an understatement.
Niall Horan was the real star of the show. I don't think I can put into words the pride of the crowd that night, every time he strummed his guitar, or sung into his mic the roars and screams around me were even more deafening then usual. I'm not ashamed to say that I teared up a little when he talked about how much it meant to him to play Croke Park. I don't have a lot of Irish pride in me, but I was really feeling it then. 
They may be repeating this gig every night for the next few months, but it's amazing.  I think it's amazing that they do so much, and try so hard for their fans. I think it's great that they have the energy and stamina to keep going through the rain and stuff being chucked at them on stage. Liam was twirling and dancing around, all of them ran off I think at some point during the night for a bathroom break and Harry started eating a banana. They're just hilariously underwhelmed and normal about the whole thing. They're handling it very well. And as a fan, it's an emotional experience to be up that close to someone you admire, to hear the music you love being performed right in front of you, and to realize that these boys are actually individuals who pull faces and trip over and pee and stuff. It's surreal and magical and seems kind of like a joke.
I know a lot of people just don't like them. And that's cool. I don't like strawberries, or that Calvin Harris song about getting all the girls. But I don't think you can deny the sheer CRAZINESS that has been the worldwide One Direction infection. I don't really understand how or why they are as big as they are. I'm glad to have seen them live (three times now !!!! what !!!!!) and I know that they're not as perfect as I have made them out to be in my own head. I'm not going to defend them to the ends of the earth, but I will always remember that they've made me cry and laugh and love without even knowing who I am. Looking up at their faces, and at the fireworks that marked the end of the show I felt fearless, and as corny as it sounds, I forgot everything crap about the world.
One look at Harry Styles face, and my thoughts are all rainbows and butterflies. And yes, I can confirm it is that good in real life.
Should I shut up about One Direction now? 


  1. I went to see them on the Friday night. My sister surprised me with a ticket. We went with absolutely no intentions or expectations. To be honest we only know a handful of their songs and just thought it would be a bit of craic. And of course to support little Niall, fellow Westmeath man. Have to say I was blown away by how much I enjoyed the gig #noshame. Even if you don't like their music I think anybody would have found it difficult not to enjoy such an experience. Between the lights, fireworks and fantastic atmosphere, What a night :)


  2. aww I'm so jealous, I really wanted to see them! My little sister went though, and had an absolute blast. Love the post, must have been surreal to be so close to the stage! :)

    Ciara x

  3. i'm seeing them on the 8th and this has made me SO excited, i love 5 seconds of summer loads so i cant wait to see them aswell eeeeek
    ellie xx

  4. It was such a fun show wasn't it! you got pretty close to the stage which looks cool, I partied at the back in Manchester - what I like to do best hahah! xxx


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