December 14, 2013

The Adaptable Gift Guide: For Anyone

We can't deny how useful gift guides are. No matter how close I am to a friend, or how many hints a family member has dropped I always panic when it comes to buying presents. What can I buy those who already have everything they need?
So, rather then write up multiple suggestions for all the different people in your life, what I decided to do was make an adaptable guide that can hopefully serve everyone's desires. Most of what I'm discussing is gender-neutral as well, but certain items are a bit more feminine, and for that I apologize. But I hope this helps a little bit. Let me know in the comments if you think I'm missing anything!
1. Books: There is a book to suit everyone. Photography books for the non-reader, empty sketchbooks for the artists, blank notebooks for the writers, diaries for those who are forgetful, biographies for the celeb-obsessed and fiction for nearly everybody. And, no, it's not boring. Sometimes a book is really thoughtful. This Christmas I'd love to get 'It' by Alexa Chung. If you're still stuck, and need some recommendations, click here for a link to the Best Selling Books of 2013. There is sure to be something!

2. T-Shirts: So many cities and towns will now have one of those 'Print your own T-Shirt Stores' so you can get photos, private jokes, names and quotes put on any old shirt. Urban Outfitters and River Island both do quirky, cool, good quality, printed T-Shirts. This Cat one is from River Island, and they have an abundance of animal print one's - perfect for anyone who may be Pug-mad, like myself! I think a T-shirt is a safe bet for anyone if you want to buy clothes, as usually sizing is easy enough (rather then jeans/pants which differ greatly store to store) or you could just go for an over-sized, pajama type look if you don't want to guess. No awkwardness, and still thoughtful!

3. Candles: A little bit boring and perhaps cliche, but in fairness, who doesn't want a candle. I recommend steering clear of the Christmas scents and going for something they can burn all year round. 

4. Perfume/Cologne: I think Perfume is quite a personal thing, so it might be good to do some sneaky research and see what they use already. If you know they love it, even if they don't need a new one, you know they'll use it eventually, and it shows that you've been paying attention to what they like. 

5. Scarves: I think that there is a scarf out there for everyone. Men and women, silk and knitted, printed or plain - everyone can pull off scarves. 

6. Watches: Be careful buying a watch for a partner, as I have heard that it symbolises everylasting love. You don't want it to be taken the wrong way by that guy you've been seeing for a month. Swatch have some quite reasonably priced watches, and I do love the Casio ones that Urban Outfitters sell too. 

7. Magazine subscriptions: I am an avid reader of Elle - and let me tell you, IT IS PRICEY. If you know someone who always buys Vogue, or loves a flick through of the Rolling Stone - it's not a bad idea to get them a subscription. I'm sure your Grandad or little brother would enjoy the National Geographic - even just for the pictures!

8. Purses/Wallets: Simple. And oh so Practical. 

9. Jumpers: Similar to T-Shirts but more seasonal. Go for a fun Christmas one with lights and bells for extra joy. 

10. Mugs: For the caffeine addicts. The Disney ones are just too cute, but there are also places where you can get photos and phrases put on too - making that morning coffee a little bit more personal!

11. & 12. Beauty: For the girls (and guys possibly) who have everything some little make-up and beauty gifts can never go awry. Play it safe with nail varnish or for those that are a little bit more adventurous get them some vampy lipstick. So hip. I love the topshop range of make-up at the moment. Everything is on point!

13. Art: Posters of a friends favorite movie, little quotes like this one from etsy, or some cool graphic design can be purchased cheap as chips from sites like amazon! You could pop them in a plain frame from Ikea or for something more eccentric try Urban Outfitters!

14. Gadget cases: Marc Jacobs have some adorable iPhone cases at the moment. And I've seen some lovely iPad covers too. If you know anyone who is One Direction mad, I'm sure having Harrys face on their phone would never be scoffed at. There's a case for everyone and some really great novelty ones! Try amazon (what a site!!!) for cute teddy bears and those paint-drip phone covers that everyone seems to have. 

15: Homemade Brownies. Or Art. Or anything else. When someone puts time and effort in making something for you, you know you mean at least a little bit to them. Wrap up cookies in ribbon, or ice cupcakes with their initials. Me and my friends used to buy frames and make a collage of photos for birthdays!

I hope this helped at least some of you think of ideas for presents. A lot of the above list may seem a bit obvious, but you know what they say; they're cliches for a reason. If you're still stuck (HOW? THERE IS SO MUCH HERE) go for socks. Everyone uses socks.

I'm finally on Christmas break from uni. Today we put up our tree and tomorrow I'm going carol singing. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. 

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  1. Oh wow I LOVE the purse for 8 - the holographic material is amazing! xx

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    1. it's so cool isn't it? i'm obsessed with metallics at the moment!

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  8. Great idea's, I've not got many people to buy for this year but I'm now wanting to treat myself to half of this gift guide!

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  9. Love this idea of an adaptable gift guide. One for parents, friends, boyfriends and anybody else all done seperately gets a little tiring after a while.

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